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Packaging Services
Protecting Your Shipments with Expert Packaging Solutions

At FasTrack Route, we understand that proper packaging is essential to ensure your shipments arrive at their destination intact and in perfect condition. Our Packaging Services offer a range of solutions designed to protect your goods during transit, no matter the size or nature of your cargo.

Why Choose Our Packaging Services?


Damage Prevention

Our packaging solutions are designed to safeguard your shipments from potential damage during handling and transportation.

Professional Handling

Our packaging experts carefully assess your cargo’s needs and provide professional packaging that adheres to industry standards.

Cost Efficiency

Proper packaging reduces the risk of damage and ensures your shipments arrive as intended, saving you potential costs and customer dissatisfaction.

Brand Identity

We can customize packaging to reflect your brand’s identity, offering a consistent and professional image to your customers.

Packaging Solutions

  • Custom Crating: Tailored wooden crates designed to protect fragile or irregularly shaped items.

  • Palletizing: Securely palletize your goods for efficient handling and transportation.

  • Protective Cushioning: Use cushioning materials to safeguard delicate items against shocks and vibrations.

  • Wrapping and Sealing: Wrap and seal goods for added protection against moisture and dust.

  • Specialized Packaging: For unique items requiring special attention, we create bespoke packaging solutions.

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