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Choose Possibility in Every Direction

From road transport to air and ocean freight, from efficient warehousing to seamless home deliveries, we offer a range of solutions that open up avenues for your business.

Shipping Solutions

Our advanced shipping services cater to businesses of all sizes.

Logistics Expertise

Streamline your supply chain with our logistics solutions.

“Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that you have the tools you need to choose your direction and move forward with confidence.”

Chris Hammer

Fastrack Route President
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Meet Our Reliable Team

Behind every successful journey in shipping, logistics, and courier services is a dedicated and skilled team. At FasTrack Route, we take immense pride in introducing you to our reliable and experienced professionals who drive our commitment to excellence.

Chris Hammer

Gargo President

Emilly Spector

Vice President

Peter Flair

Chief Executive Officer

Steven Chou

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Bryan

General Manager

Eddie Gordo

Legal Officer

Monica James

Shipping Manager

Dom Shancez

Supply Chain Manager